Wuxi Tianyi High School on the April Planting Trip


On June 14th 2013 at the R&S Monthly Student Meeting, teacher, Joseph Picha, and students from Tianyi High School in Wuxi, journeyed all the way to Shanghai to share their experiences from April’s planting trip to Inner Mongolia.   Natasha Pei, the International School Coordinator, delivered them their plaque to track their progress for each year they reach the 1,000 Tree Challenge.

Tianyi Sharing 201306-1

Tianyi High School- International Division is the first group to come and share their experiences with all of our R&S student members.  The students from Tianyi’s group are being educated according to an international curriculum, and put forth lots of imagination and great efforts at fundraising.  During our monthly meeting they told us how they achieved their 1,000-tree target by approaching local companies for support, and what it was like to live in such a desertified part for the world. In true Roots & Shoots leadership fashion, by communicating their stories, these students have helped to inspire and guide their R&S peers towards pushing their 1,000 Tree Challenges further, and supporting the renewal of land in Inner Mongolia.

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