Kitchen Waste Classification And Disposal


Event: Kitchen Waste  Classification And Disposal

Group Name:R&S Group of Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

Event Date:2015-2

Report Submitter:Lu Yulan&Chen Shiyi

Participant Number: 20

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We established HFLS Roots and Shoots Group in November, 2014. In order to introduce our activity and ideas to schoolmates, we made a presentation in our morning assembly. What we tried to show was the importance of dorm garbage consorting and food waste composting.

Although the amount of daily food waste, mainly fruit peels, produced in the dorm is too limited to send to recycling station, we cannot regard this status quo as the reason to give up. After searching on the Internet, we found the best way to cope with was internal action. We can do it by ourselves!Buying enzyme and proper containers, we finished the final step before start.


We got twenty extra members through promotion and interview.  In the next two months, there would be two of our members on duty every day to cope with the food residues such as peels. They would break food into small pieces for easier composting. After mixing with enzyme and putting in a big barrel, we can just wait for results. However, the problems still existed in this easy process. The fruit residue seemed disgusting. The smells after mixing with enzyme are unbelievable. Even adults cannot get used to everything during the process. To help members adjust themselves and complete the work, we had to observe them and give daily suggestions. Gradually the trouble was covered while everyone got familiar with Roots and Shoots Group. More cooperation and support from members and non-members proved our progress or, we can say, success.

The results are delightful. We have collected one hundred litters food waste and gotten bottles of liquid fertilizers. With increasing popularity of environmental activities, we all believe that we can do better next semester!


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