Energy-Saving Promotion Week in Municipal-level Public Institutions


The past week June 29 to July 3 was the annual “National Energy-Saving Week” in China including July 2 as the “National Low Carbon Day” of 2020. As is known to all, green-house gas is one of the dominant causes to the global warming, which threatens our Mother Earth. How can we save our earth through reducing carbon emission?

The municipal government in Shanghai now has its answer and starts to promote the low-carbon concept to both the public and to all the government offices. Shanghai Municipal Government Offices Administration this year undertook its “Energy-Saving Week” IN THE CLOUD which required all the government offices to do their work on-line, take public transportation and even take conferences and trainings on-line. The pandemic did not impact us with fear but with a low-carbon lifestyle “in the cloud”.

Shanghai Roots & Shoots this year was cosigned by Shanghai Municipal Government Offices Administration to take three videos about turning waste into treasure. From these three videos, we can efficiently learn how to make an old pair of jeans into a satchel, how to deodorize by used coffee grounds and how to tailor a drip mat from old cloth.

Coffee Grounds Deodorizer

Drip Mats

Jeans Satchel

Carbon reduction is always a goal of Shanghai Roots & Shoots that can be adapted into enterprises, schools and communities. We off-set carbon footprints via the Million Tree Project, reduce office carbon emission via the Eco Office Program and prevent overconsumption carbon emission from the Dragon Recycling Program. So, please just get involved and have a low-carbon lifestyle from now on!

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