Givaudan Eye Care Activity


In an effort to raise students’ and parents’ awareness of eyesight protection, Givaudan volunteers had eye care classes for the 3rd to 5th graders of Changlin Branch School on November 28th 2014, working together with oculists from Shanghai Ren’Ai Hospital to prescribe eyeglasses for those who need vision correction. They helped each student adjust their eyeglasses in order that the students can wear them comfortably.

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Subsequently, Givaudan volunteers held meetings with parents of children who wear prescribed glasses. The volunteers provided useful information about eye care, emphasizing the importance of using lights when studying to avoid damage to the eyes. The oculists also helped clear up any misunderstandings parents had about wearing eyeglasses.

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At the end of the meeting, Givaudan gave children and their parents a table lamp to create a bright learning environment at home, along with other practical gifts. We hope that access to eyeglasses will make the world migrant children live in just that much brighter.

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