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In this spring, Shanghai Roots & Shoots, together with State Street, rolled out a new program in three schools in Hangzhou: the School Green Map Program. 18 volunteers and the R&S group students completed 7 green maps.

201506  绿地图 1

Green School Map Program provides a fresh interactive way of environmental education for young generations to discover the environmental issues in school campus around themselves and understand the connection between schools and sustainability by creating an ideal school map tailed to the their own school with Green Elements- reusable energy, recycling center and water efficiency.

201506  绿地图 2

The green maps needed to be finished in five lessons. Firstly, the volunteers introduced the concept of the program and the procedure of making a green map to the students. Then, on the second class, students needed to learn the basic elements of the green map including names, compass, and illustrations, and drew the outline of the school map. After that, the students learned the green map icons and apply those icons into the map. On the fourth lesson, they started the surveys in the campus, such as the plantation around the school or the energy facilities in classrooms. On the final lesson, the students completed the map with paints and crayons.

201506  绿地图 3

Even though it’s just a start, but the program will continue to develop both in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

201506  绿地图 4

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