H022Shanghai South West Weiyu High School


The Roots&Shoots group of Shanghai South-west WeiYu Mid School

The Roots&Shoots group of Shanghai South-west WeiYu Mid School, also known as R&S NOW ACTION  was established on Sept.5 2006. Since then, we have been gathered in a school club named CLIMATE COOL and have conducted several projects with the guide of R&S agency, such as the Eco-office, Eco-school, Paper Recycling, etc. What moved R&Sers were the enthusiastic of everyone in our school in 2009 while MTP was under way, and that each participant was absorbed in working on their masterpieces in 2010 while NPC was under way. Furthermore, in 2008, we made an ID card for each plant in our school, which was meaningful.

The year 2011 must be a milestone of R&S NOW ACTION. Our R&S group was taken charge by the school committee of the YOUTH LEAGUE. Rapidly MTP and Eco-office of this year was well-prepared. It is what we trust that R&S in our school will bloom in the new decade.

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