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Roots and Shoots club in WFLMS is a member of Shanghai Roots and Shoots. It was established in 2006, and have members on both home and international campus. “Protect the environment, Care for the community”—That’s what we think. We take action to spread our ideas.
There are two parts of activities in our club: Department of routine affairs and short-term events.
Department of routine affairs can be divided into three groups: Waste Recycling, MTP (Million Tree Project) and Veggie for Veggie. The department of recycling also recycles drugs and used school uniforms. We conduct various activities at school and also the nearby communities. With efforts of organizing activities such as the recycle boxes in teachers’ office, speeches in the public, organic farm projects, we can foster the good behavior of people to protect the environment and provide the society with achievable plans of healthy lifestyles.
Short-term events consist of Eco-Week and Eco-Audit, which are the traditions of WFLMS Roots and Shoots. We hold speech, DIY show, and charity sale on the Eco-Week.The event accelerates the efficiency of spreading out our concepts. All of our teachers and schoolmates can get involved during the Eco-week. Eco-Audit is a project developed by Shanghai Roots and Shoots ,which uses scientific methods to measure whether the environment of an office or a school is eco-friendly and well-designed or not. We will give out the useful advice for improvements after the evaluation.
Up to October of 2014, there are about 100 members in WFLMS Roots & Shoots in total. We hope that every member of our club can explore his or her own values and come up with a unique comprehension about environmental protection.

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