Love the Earth, Love Yourself: 8 Habits that make you More Beautiful and Healthy


Don’t look down upon these simple acts, we cannot protect the Earth without you 

Use screen savers less often and keep your eyes from drying out

When you’re using the computer and your colleague comes to talk to you, do you put the computer on sleep? A blinking screen saver not only wastes electricity, but also harms your retinas and makes your eyes tired. The energy consumed when the computer is in a sleeping state is less than half the energy that is consumed when the computer is actively in use. Besides, it is recommended that the brightness of the screen be lowered as much as possible; if every computer user in the country were to dim their screens, up to 3 billion kilowatts of electricity could be saved each year! When the computer is sleeping or the brightness is turned down, your eyes will not be affected and the crystalloids in your eyes will not be overly dehydrated, thus making your eyes look charming all the time.

Unplug plugs and get smooth skin

You may have never heard this shocking fact: when electronics are connected to a power source, even when they are powered off, they consume 25% electricity, and emit electronic radiation, most intensely near the plug. This invisible electrical radiation not only affects metabolism, but also greatly affects the quality of your skin, resulting in your constant worries about acne or allergies. Therefore, when not using electronics, remember to unplug plugs, or use a “green” power surge and turn off the unused switches.

Soak rice for 10 minutes before cooking to keep yourself slim

Do you skip washing rice when you see the package advertising “no washing necessary”? One thing you need to know is that, “no washing necessary” only means that the rice itself is clean enough. If you soak the rice for 10 minutes before boiling, however, and then use an electric cooker, the time spent boiling the rice can be drastically reduced, saving you at least 10% of the electricity used. Besides, many women do not like eating these staple foods too often because the carbohydrate they contain can make them gain weight. However, if you soak the rice for a short 10 minutes before cooking, the body can absorb the carbohydrate from the rice more quickly and makes you feel full faster, thus preventing weight gain resulted from overconsumption of staple foods.

Use handkerchief instead of tissues to prevent skin allergies

It is said that this year, carrying a “portable handkerchief” has become a common practice for royal members in Japan. Disposable tissues not only wastes a lot of wood, but also the softener in tissues makes your skin more sensitive, thus making you more prone to allergies in early autumn. Therefore, we recommend substituting your pack of tissues with a pure cotton handkerchief; for a handkerchief has no negative effects to your skin.

Slow down and Cheer up 

Diane Eachern, author of the popular American book Green Fortune, discovered in environmental research that, while driving, if you slow down your speed or reduce the frequency of braking, the efficiency of fuel can be increased by up to 30%. Psychologists also find that driving cars at high speeds decreases your mental receptive strength; your nervousness can be easily increased especially when you are driving fast in busy work. Just think about this: slowing down the speed not only saves fuel but also keeps yourself in a good mood, why not try it?

Drink less bottled water to enhance immunity

In 2010, at least three states in the US instructed federal employees to buy as few bottled waters as possible. Moreover, bottled water has been listed as luxury goods by several state governments. Research has shown that, the cost of producing one plastic, re-usable bottle equals that of producing seven disposable bottles of water. Medical experts have also pointed out that, disposable plastic bottles contain high levels of bromate, which undermines your immunity. Not only this, but bacteria tends to breed in the crevices of disposable bottles, which heightens the drinkers exposure to potential pathogenic factors. If you want to reduce pollution in environment caused by plastic as well as enhance your immunity, keep away from disposable bottled water and bring your own water instead.

Use low-power hair dryer to prevent hair bifurcation

The seemingly normal hair-dryer actually contains high levels of radiation, and such radiation can greatly damage the protein in hair, making it dry out and causing split-ends. Research has shown that the level of radiation is the greatest on the back end of the hair-dryer, and is much lower in the area around the outlet. If the hair dryer is placed 8 centimeters away from the hair, the intensity of radiation can drop by as much as 55%. The best choice for a safe hair dryer are the ones with power levels lower than 800 watts, because the intensity of radiation of a hair dryer with 1000 watts is 30% higher than that of one 800 watts. In addition to this, Self-Joy recommends limiting your blow drying time to less than 3 minutes.

Less dry-cleaning to make skin more protective to sunshine

Though dry-cleaning does not require water, the chemicals it uses pollutes the atmosphere; also, it was discovered by some health researches that, through contact with chemical in dry-cleaned clothes, skin loses some of its protective ability against sunshine. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy as few clothes that require dry-cleaning as possible; meanwhile, you should choose a more environmentally-friendly way of washing. For example, use a liquidized carbon dioxide cleaning agent, or new cleaning agent composed of water and soap, for they not only preserves the original colors of the clothes, but also helps protect the environment. Besides, the cleaned clothes should not be dried artificially with a heat source, but naturally in the sun, this saves energy and kills bacteria thoroughly. For clothes that do require dry-cleaning, the plastic coat on the clothes should be removed after cleaning, and the clothes should be put in the sun for more than one hour to ensure all the remaining chemicals dissipate, thus helping your skin repel harmful rays of sunshine.

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