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Since the founding of Shanghai Roots & Shoots, we have always been concerned about environmental education, because in the poverty-stricken areas of China environmental protection is a concept that is yet to be spread around. We have sent project coordinators regularly to the project site to conduct research and promote understanding and communication between kids of different areas. From 2003 to 2012, R&S sent volunteers to the project site for two weeks every summer to offer donations, tuition fees, study tutoring and so on.


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This project will make a better life for the people in the poverty-stricken areas. More children are able to continue their study and make more friends. The urban residents, while helping the poor, can develop a better understanding of the local conditions. We give today’s teenagers and college students a chance to experience the lifestyle in the countryside of China first hand, where they can capture some of the old traditions and virtues. We hope our volunteers will learn and grow as a team in this mission, and hope all the things they have learned on this trip will benefit their lives for years to come.


To those who are 18 and above, who have a loving heart and compassion to help others; have practical skills; or have knowledge of math, physics and chemistry, plus if you are a team player who is willing to endure hardship, you are welcome in the volunteer team! Please log on our website or Wechat Page to find out more information. Volunteers will be asked to cover their transportation and accommodation; Shanghai  R&S will provide T-shirts and other trip gears.

You are welcome to join our volunteer team. For more information, please contact info@srschina.org.

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