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What is Eco Office Program 

Roots & Shoots started Eco-office in 2006, providing a new method of environmental education as well as helping offices to find some effective and easy ways to reduce waste and lower their carbon footprint. By conducting Eco-audits, suggesting environmentally-friendly habits in the office, and using data-driven scientific processes to identify challenges and find solutions, we help employees to raise their level of environmental awareness, reducing operating costs and environmental impact from the ground up.


Program Goals

  • Make employees and students realize that “Everyone’s behavior affects the environment”
  • Systematically evaluate office resource consumption
  • Reduce waste and overhead costs
  • Improve environmental awareness among companies

Program Impact

In 2012-2013 participating companies achieved an average annual reduction of:

9% in paper use =  19,800 RMB in savings

10% in electricity use = 124,186RMB in savings

  • 252 companies audited
  • 38,445 Individuals Reached
  • 4,811,658 Pieces of Paper Saved
  • 4,328,969 KW/h of Electricity Saved
  • 5,101.93 Tons of CO2 Reduced

Benefits for companies

  • Get easy-to-implement environmental practices
  • Reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint and lower overhead cost
  • Raise employee’s environmental awareness
  • Spread out the companies’ environmental strategies to employees and the public
  • Commit to corporate social responsibility

Benefits for employees

  • Establish a better working environment
  • Become a green ambassador for their company
  • Learn more about their company’s environmental policies
  • Engage in their company’s environmental policy decisions

How to participate

The program offers you:

Eco office - intro EN

If you have any questions, please contact the program director for more information:

T:+86 (21) 63523580 – 806


About The Eco School Audit Program

The Eco School Audit Program was created by the Jane Goodall Institute–Shanghai Roots & Shoots in 2008 for students to audit their own campuses and help their schools become greener. Through the Eco School Program, student groups can evaluate their schools’ environmental practices and carbon footprint and raise the environmental awareness of their schoolmates and school’s administration. The students are also encouraged to create and manage an action plan, including educational campaigns to augment their program.

How to participate for schools:

We’ve prepared an easy-to-implement Eco School Tool Kit for schools who want to conduct audits on their campuses. School advisors or team leaders may use this tool kit as a reference. Please send an email to to receive the tool kit.

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