vein bookmark


School name: Pudong Foreign Language School

R&S group name: PFLS R&S

Grade of students: 6,10

Number of students:16

Writer of this report: Jenny Sun

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The theme of this event is the production of vein bookmark. Since the main members are just a dozen of early grade students who just understand and participate in the root and bud, we think that the theme of this event is more appropriate. The goal is to make the members make practical items by themselves ,to establish awareness of environmental protection, and also lead to the enthusiasm of small students on the roots and buds.

The activity was completed in three days, using a funding of RMB 8 for the purchase of tools. 11.27 (Monday)

Make clear all the details in the system including methods for making , experimental steps, and practices, to ensure that activities will be carried out smoothly.

11.28 (Tuesday) With the help of a community mentor, members started making vein bookmarks in the school biology lab. After dealing with with the Osman thus leaves members picked their own slightly, we immerse them into a beaker containing lye, and use alcohol lamp heating. The members were observing the phenomenon of the beaker, the subtle changes in the surface of the leaves carefully. After several operations, all leave tissues were corroded completely. Then leaves were placed in lye for a day for the leaves discoloration, leaf separation.

11.30 (Thursday) Members took out the leaves and washed them. Then they brushed the soft part of the leaves with a toothbrush to reveal the white veins, remove the water droplets, placed in the old book to make it dry, and finally decorate the veins . Then bookmark production is completed.

After the event, members all have strong senses of accomplishment, with full expectations for future activities, but also remembered our original intention of environmental protection.

While becoming familiar with each other, we also have experience.

There were also many disadvantages in this event. Few participants who are mostly students from sixth grade limited us to some extent.The scope of their our still need to be expanded in the future . The next activity, our plan will be focusing on organic farms, or in the school to have some activities with wider audience.


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