Find Blessing Bags And To Meet The World Earth Day


Event: Find Blessing Bags And To Meet The World Earth Day

Group Name:  Roots & Shoots, University Of Shanghai For Science And Technology

Event Date:  2015-04-22

Report Submitter: Gingko Chen

Participant Number: 200

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April 22, 2015 is earth day, so the Roots & Shoots SBC volunteer service department carried out an activity called “Find Blessing Bags and Meet the World Earth Day” in the teaching building hall. On the eve before the activity, 45 blessing bags were prepared and scattered around the teaching building. Each bag contained a questionnaire and elegant gifts inside. This activity won the attention of the students and in one night, all of the bags were found. Because each bag was beautifully wrapped, many students were still seen carrying it around after the event. At the end of the event (4:30) we made conclusions to our questionnaire. Only 18.75% of the students knew an extensive amount on environmental protection, 70-80% of the answers were correct. After that, the SBC Roots & Shoots broadcasted the students names with the highest score. Once mentioned, our peers were able to pick a student from these names as our SBC Earth Star!




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