Summary of the year


School name:Nanyang Model High School

R&S group name:Nanyang Model High School Roots and Shoots

Grade of students:Senior One and Senior Two

Number of students:23

Writer of this report:gaoyijie

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2017.11.16 Making basic recycled paper.First,I introduced the Chinese current paper using situation and the procedures of recycled paper in factories.Then,I divided students into groups, gave out the containers and used paper and explained how to make recycled paper.But I didn’t bring the paper shredder for lack of time,students had to tear paper with hands so the recycled paper they made are likely to break.Despite this ignorance,the activity is quite welcome and students realized that paper is precious and difficult to make.

②2017.11.28 Garbage classification lecture.I invited the teacher from Shanghai roots and shoots to introduce some knowledege about garbage classification.She added many interaction activities so students are active.Due to our early advertisements,many students who are interested in this lecture came to listen.With the disseminations of garbage classification knowledge,we intended to classify garbages in our campus to protect our environment better.

③2017.12.14 Prepare the environmental-friendly fashion show.I informed students to form a basic idea of what they planned to do and bring some materials.They brought newspaper,candy paper,plastic bags and so on.The time is limited for them to complete the works.But they are delighted to hold the fashion show.

④2017.12.27 Making plant bookmark.Students are informed to pick up some fallen leaves and flatten them.I gave out colorful paper and plastic sealingpaper,and draw pictures to explain how to make the plant bookmark and provided some suggestions.Though the machine didn’t operate well sometimes,students were enjoyful in this activity.

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