Community Culture Festival Of Shanghai Jianping Century Senior High School


Event:Community Culture Festival Of Shanghai Jianping Century Senior High School

Group Name: Roots & Shoots, Shanghai Jianping Century Senior High School

Event Date:  2015-05-04

Report Submitter: Wang Zhiyu

Participant Number: 15

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In May,we held the community culture festival where our Roots and Shoots club presidents discussed our group, the significance of the three core contents, and our main activities. We explained how the club was initially formed and created some activities in the form of lectures and field surveys to keep the audience interested. The festival was a great opportunity to help spread Roots and Shoots’ environmental protection concepts. We also informed the school that it was necessary for the general teachers and students to participate in Roots and Shoots ’projects so that we could protect the environment, have clear skies, clean water and viable land. However, our presentation was lacking in the form of   activities. Next time, we will lead the participants in the form of lectures and on-site interaction. With a growing amount of support,Roots and Shoots are ever closer in achieving an eco-friendly environment.



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