Shanghai Jianping Century Senior High School organic garden project


School Name: Shanghai Jianping Century Senior High School Roots & Shoots

Event Date:  2014-10-10

Report Submitter: Wang Zhiyu

Participant Number: 20

Activity Report: OG subject is initiated at oct. 2014 in Jianping Century.With the volunteer’s help,we have learned theory of the organic garden for only two months.Unfortunatelly,we get nothing at last.

We are devote to populate the knowledge of the OG,make all members have a good command of working ability.The harvest will for sale.And the income will be used for million tree project.And the most important thing is recall everyone should protect our environment!

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During activity,We lent tools form school.R&S office support us with seeds.We get water from Zhangjia Bang which is beside our school.So we haven’t use any cash.

Through the subject,All members have a command of working ability.Also it awared students and teachers how important the environment is.

All members take part in the subject.

Highlights of the event: We get nothing!

Cuz it is too late (in Dec.),obviously,it won’t be sprout.Besides,the illumination is not adequate because of the shade.So ,we’ll make some change,to ameliorate the surrounding.Wish we’ll have a good harvest next year!

If you are interested in this event please contact by email:

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