Green Superman——Magic Green


Event:Pizza Hut Green Superman

Group Name:Round Earth Environment Protection Agency of Shanghai Ocean University

Event Date:2016-01

Report Submitter: Feng Chaorui

Participant Number: 20

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We have been taken this activity for years, and we hope it could spread the environmental knowledge to children. In the event called green magic, we mainly taught the third grade students in primary school with environmental knowledge. The day before the course began, we prepared the slides and the main content of the course for our teachers.

On the day of the class, children got excited to answer any questions about environmental protection. However, we found some problems in class 1) On the day before class, it was always hard to find teachers who would be able to teach lessons for students. In order to solve this problem, we had to invite volunteers to substitute the teachers. However, the volunteers were not familiar with the content of PPT, which made the teaching process difficult to go on. 2) Students could not finish their assignments on time, and this made the teaching process hard to go on.

We hope those problems can be solved in next semester, and as a result, improve the efficiency.

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