Recycling Program of Used Paper


Event:Recycling Program of Used Paper

Group Name:Jianping middle school R&S Group

Event Date:2015-12

Report Submitter:Shen Tianchen

Participant Number: 23

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The R&S club started a wasted paper recycling action this term. In club lessons, club members discussed their ideas around the environmental protection and they planned to start from some easy actions. Since there were lots of paper and draft paper left in school each day, we wondered whether we could think of a way to collect these paper and reuse them. This could be our first step to raise people’s awareness of the environmental protection. In early December, the wasted paper project was carried out in several members’classes and we started to observe the initial effect. Our club memebers brought big paper boxes to school and put them at the corner of each class to collect useless draft paper, handbooks, etc. At first, Grade 10 Class Three, Class 11 and Grade 11 Class Two and Class Four started the project for two weeks. Two weeks later, even though not many draft paper had been collected, we believe the result would become better in the future. Now, Grade 10 Class four, Class Five and Class Ten have also started recycling wasted paper.


We went to each class to collect useless paper weekly, but every time, the collected paper was only of a dictionary’s thickness.  Yet, after a few weeks, the number of paper collected increased drastically. Even though paper recycling is such a small thing, I believe as long as we insist on collecting paper, we could contribute to the environmental protection. At the end of each school year, we could ask those who have just finished their high school or university entrance exams to do recycling outside of school; or similar to what the 2012 grads did, we could send the useless paper in exchange for the exquisite notebooks.


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