Charity Sales for Environmental Protection


Event: Charity Sales for Environmental Protection

Group Name:R&S Group of Pinghe Bilingual school

Event Date:2015-11

Report Submitter:Yujie Wang

Participant Number: 16

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In the first semester, Pinghe Roots and Shoots took part in the CAS Carnival (Charity sale for environmental protection)

our group prepared for the Carnival from September until the activity in November.We prepared a huge tree which has some letters hanging on it. These letters include some questions about environmental protection. People who attend this game should answer the question. Also, we purchased many eco-friendly bags and seeds to sell on the charity sale. Furthermore, we handmade some leaf bookmarkers by using a series of process. In addition, we printed a enormous poster to spread some good information about environmental protection.

We have four groups: One was reponsible for the site arrangement, another group was in charge of promotion. Also, there is a group which was responsible for purchasing. And the last group was responsible for making leaf bookmarker.

During the activity, there were many residents in that area taking part in the event. Many people listened to our advice and started to use eco-friendly bags. And lots of local people learn knowlege about environmental protection.

The total cost for this activity is 790, and we sold all the things for 850. We finally got 60 for the million trees project.

The weak point for this activity is that the cost is too high. However,we had a lot of benefits resulted from this activity. The residents in that area attained much information about environmental protection. They startrf to use fabric bags instead of plastic bags. Moreover, our associaters have increased their social ability and other abilities that are useful in their lives.

In the second semester, our group cooperated with CTC student activity group and hold a donation ceremony on the Earth Day. We got 470 donation in total for the million trees project. During the ceremony, we let the audience view some videos about environmental protection and the interview about student’s ideas on the Earth day and the environment.

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