2013 ‘The Mysterious Night of Dream’ Summer Camp for Kids Was Held Successfully


From July 12 to 14 2013, 40 averagely younger-than-10-year-old campers gathered at Shanghai zoo for the 2013 ‘The Mysterious Night of Dream’ Summer Camp for Kids. This camp was co-sponsored by Shanghai Roots and Shoots, Shanghai Zoo and Chenshan Botanical Garden. This camp which lasted for two days and three nights was designed for children to feel the nature by themselves.


Who are they? What do they eat?

After brief opening ceremony, campers were randomly divided into 4 groups – The Golden Monkeys, The Zebras, The African Lions and The Peacocks. Toy animals made everyone excited. Students guessed what kind of animals they were, actively and happily. Besides that, barley pests, turtles, Chincmys reeves and snakes were shown to the kids in order to give them the idea of habits of animals. The kids sensed themselves. It was another exciting thing for the kids to see the kitchen for animals. The hardworking zookeeper distributed breakfast, prepared food, to the animals early in the morning.

2013梦幻夜夏令营 -1

Thriller Night

So what do the animals do at night? The breeze blew softly in the midsummer night; cicadas sang tenderly in the trees. The campers are now ready! With flashlights, campers observed those fierce animals in the grass. Carnivals made it even more terrifying in such a frightening midnight hour. Tigers crawled in the thirst of beasts. Their eyes were a sight which made it a more horrifying nightmare.

2013梦幻夜夏令营 -4

The Herbal Art

Have you ever imagined that art masterpieces could be made of leaves and flowers? Students managed to finish their own works of art with the guidance of teachers. Soaring hawks, beautiful sceneries and adorable kittens and puppies were made of leaves of different shapes and colors. Plus, students also learnt about arranging flowers, which made them peaceful in mind.

2013梦幻夜夏令营 -2

The visit to the kitchen of animals, the piece of art made of leaves, the specimens and the growth of plants… Every single moment of the camp still recalled our memories. The 2013 ‘The Mysterious Night of Dream’ Summer Camp for Kids was successfully held. Parents were grateful to Shanghai Roots and Plants, which designed such activities. The camp next year was expected.

We appreciate the great support from YES Program for this project! 

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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