2017 Shanghai Roots & Shoots Festival


The 2017 Shanghai Roots & Shoots Festival will be held on November 18 at Shanghai No. 8 Senior High School.

R&S groups, corporate partners, or volunteers please contact Xiao Xia (xiaoxia@srschina.org) or Chen Ting (ting.chen@srschina.org) for registration or other issues.

Shanghai Roots & Shoots Festival is the traditional annual gathering for school groups and young volunteers which has last for 14 years and has more than 8600 p/t participated. More and more young people got the chance to experience environmental programs, learn knowledge and exchange ideas through the rich and interactive activities provided at the festival.

Each year, young volunteers from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi and Hubei come together to showcase their groups and activities. Roots & Shoots is a platform for more young people to practice charity ideas, receive environmental information, get in contact with professional NGOers and communicate/partner with responsible corporates.

BE Green

Showcases of outstanding Roots & Shoots groups, including group introduction, history and achievements.

18 Low-Carbon Flee Market: There will be 30 group booths arranged by both local and international schools in Shanghai. Each booth will have 18 second-hand items for exchanges (18 represents the 18th anniversary of Shanghai Roots & Shoots).

BE Organic

Organic lifestyle advocates a harmonious approach that people and nature can co-exist. It’s not only about eating organic, but also addresses other lifestyle changes. It is sustainable, healthy and social responsible. Brought to you by SRS partner, Hona Organic and BioFarm, this BE Organic area will show you their understanding of organic lifestyle and how you can be part of it.

BioFarm enables everyone to try-out fresh healthy organic food, and understand the planting and sources of these food.

Hona Organic shows you the concentrated production of organic food, so you can enjoy every meal you take!

BE Voluntary

The keynote speeches will be delivered by several famous and active public celebrities, sharing their personal stories. Co-invited by Ye Travel, they are from different areas in environmental protection business, and they will lead the changes with young people!

We have invited two guest speakers from China and aboard to give two speeches of different topics.

  • Founder and Editor of National Geographic, he will tell you the most magical place in the earth.
  • Famous mountaineer, he has climbed 14 mountains without oxygen equipment.

Jonathan B. Tourtellot

CEO, Destination Stewardship Center; National Geographic Fellow Emeritus; Founding Director, Nat Geo Center for Sustainable Destinations; former Geotourism Editor, National Geographic Traveler

Ivan Vallejo Ricaurte


BE Fun

In this area, participants can experience some unique environmental games designed for green-lovers. An art gallery is also included to demonstrate the relationship between human and nature, as well as the love for nature in different forms.

  • An on-site # (hashtag) backdrop where participants can write-off their green ideas. Be The Change!
  • Joint Coloring Artwork: More and more people have concerns over ocean programs. SRS Youth Leadership Council, in collaboration with young illustrators, brings a 2m*2m joint coloring art work themed by Ocean Preservation, raising public awareness.
  • Handcraft Market: Showcases of different handcrafts. You can also experience these fun craftsmanship and DIY your own work.

Green Leadership

Green Leadership Award Ceremony is to recognize the outstanding groups in 2017 for their wonderful activities organized in the school and community. As the SRS Festival is a grand gathering, people joining this event will understand the SRS idea much better.

This award ceremony will be attended by three keynote speakers, the representative from Hora Organic, BioFarm and Shanghai Roots & Shoots. Awards include Outstanding Groups, Outstanding Volunteers, Outstanding Advisor Teacher etc.

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