MTP丨2017 Volunteer Planting Trip Review


‘Going on planting trips organised by the Million Tree Project had always been a dream for me, now it finally came true. I’ve heard thousands of times about Roots & Shoots ever since I was enrolled in school’s international department. I managed to take charge of MTP fundraisers when I was at grade nine and made my mind to go on the planting trip as soon as I turned 16 to experience the difficulties and joyfulness of planting trees.’ The moment was very touching as we heard the testimonials from a student volunteer on our planting trip in Ningxia.

The continued trust and support from schools, companies and individuals is the exact reason why MTP has been able to complete a ten-year journey and successfully plant two million trees. Same as previous years, volunteers from different countries and background started the planting task of Year 2017.

There were 265 volunteers from 22 enterprises and 12 schools on this year’s planting trips, both in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia.

1500 pine trees had been planted in Inner Mongolia with everyone’s hard work in April. At the same time, they learned the environmental knowledge of desertification, and also completed tasks of pruning, watering and so on.

The trip to Ningxia took place in MTP’s new planting site, Baijitan Reserve in May. Volunteers experienced making straw grids, planting both tall trees and small shrubs on four days’ trip. One tree at a time, volunteers showed great patience and strong will in combating desertification.

As what we always believe in, every individual makes a difference. We hope that with more people involved, together we are striding into a greener future.

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Every individual matters; every individual has a role to play; every individual can make a difference.