Summer camp was not only a fun-filled time, but also an incredible learning experience.

The 2021 PLASTIC REDUCTION Volunteer Summer Camp of Shanghai Roots & Shoots was held in Xue’ao Village, Ningbo. We experienced a memorable summer trip. With sunny weather, lush green hills, cool breezes, delicious barbecue, it was a trip to remember.

Here are some photos that highlight the experiences we had during the camp!

Day 1, July 1st

Our volunteers took the high-speed rail to the southeast port city – Xue’ao Village in Ningbo. Even in the sweltering summer heat, it did not dim everyone’s enthusiasm for the trip. Adults and children were like a group of eager birds flying out of cages. We entered the Longguan Villa laughing about. 

After enjoying a pleasant lunch prepared by the owner, we began the first ice-breaking activity of the camp. We held a game of charades, letting others guess what natural things we represented. There were rainbows, stones (like to stay in one place, roll and lie in another pl ace), bubbles (soft with floating light), and snails (lazy). Sure enough, the room burst into laughter the whole time. 

In the evening, the volunteer’s most anticipated tour started. We invited the editor in chief of Ningbo Daily, a great teacher with natural sentiment and an elaborate vision of natural history, Zhang Haihua, to lead us to find traces of animals and plants in mountain streams .

Look at the treasures we found!

Day 2, July 2nd

Today, the volunteers shared watercolor books, learned how to observe in the wild, crafted fans, hand-painted bags, handmade soaps, and plastic-free scrubs. 

In the afternoon, Zhang Haihua brought us a museum trip to share the magical world of nature. We felt the richness and depth of this world, and he taught us to recognize the mistakes of kingfishers in the Chinese text book of primary school. The volunteers learned how authoritative language documents can also be verified and questioned. After that, he signed his own new published book and gifted it to Shanghai Roots & Shoots.

At night, we continued to follow the pace of Zhang Haihua, continued to explore the magical sights of nature. See what new discoveries we have today.

Day 3, July 3rd

Early in the morning, a group of bird lovers followed the footsteps of leader Rebecca Zheng and visited the habitat of the baby birds.

At noon, the theme course sharing continued. We played an interesting natural story game, made Chinese medicine sachets, and decrypted genes. Everyone returned with a rewarding experience.

After lunch break, the children happily fought a “water battle” in the river. They had a great time. While they were soaked they could not conceal the joy of joy in their heart!

“Barbecue Time” was coming! Some helped cut vegetables and prepare dishes, some cooked lobster slices after a busy schedule, some helped to burn the charcoal, some acted as a real barbecue chef, and some added seasoning to the barbecue… Everyone was busy. Happy laughter resounded in the hot and humid air. “This chicken wing is almost grilled. Who will try it? Recruit the taster for free!” “I’ll come, I’ll come, I will taste it first!” “It’s very hot, could you help me peel off the roasted black part?” The cordial and caring words between each other, accompanied by bursts of laughs, brought the campers’ hearts closer, “You give me a bite of the rice cake, and I will give you a tasty chicken wings”. After returning to the camp, there were delicious rice balls, accompanied by fun mini games.

Day 4, July 4th

This was the last day of summer camp. We went to the beach and collected a lot of shells. The campers urge everyone to try not to take away intact shells and live tidal flat creatures, such as hermit crabs, shellfish, etc. Try to choose sustainable ecologically farmed aquatic products for consumption, such as mussels, oysters, scallops, small yellow croaker, tilapia, crayfish, port crabs…Reduce the consumption of small seafood that grows on the tidal flats, because fishermen use high-pressure water guns when rushing to the sea. It will have a devastating impact on the tidal ecosystem.

This moment is also a moment of reluctance, as we bid farewell one after another, and see you next year!

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