From October to November 2022, Shanghai Roots & Shoots has invited prominent specialists, professional mentors, and outstanding young leaders to provide remarkable competence training for its new power, hoping that more young people can extend and enhance their competence in multiple dimensions.

This year, we have invited five mentors, conducting wonderful courses on various themes:

Health Education: 

Beginning with oral health, the course guided every student to learn that even those health habits that we are accustomed to involve many details and requests for better self-protection.

Environmental Education:

From the perspective of low-carbon and sustainable development, the course introduces knowledge of trash recycling in a vivid and simple way, helping students to be aware of the recycling values of some residual waste.

Secrets of the Soil:

From afforestation to its fundamentals, the lecture explained concepts of edaphology; from accurate data of forest land and the number of species, students got the charm of the soil. 

Tree of Bees:

As natural pollinators, bees have brought about a qualitative leap in the varieties of food. Biodiversity is an essential cornerstone for achieving sustainable development goals on Earth.

Carbon Fun:

Xi YANG, a special guest from Climate Bridge, shared some anecdotes about carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Beginning with “FUN,” she discussed the possibility of carbon neutrality which is always by our side and led students to understand the significance of these two goals from simple things.

Among them, “Tree of Bees” has won unanimous praise from students and become the most popular course.

It’s the first time that we use Tencent online conferences to carry out the courses. More than 160 students watched the training online, and 60 people offline. College students are the majority, and 12 universities insisted on completing the training. ” Shanghai R&S Youth Leadership Training” is held in two modes combining live and recorded learning to meet the needs of schools at different times and from different regions. After the training, students have developed a strong interest in wildlife protection. That’s what Shanghai Roots & Shoots has been focusing on, and we hope more members can keep paying attention to it.

Translation: Yiwei ZHANG(张昳玮)

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