Happy House -“Construction Competition Tournament”


Event: Happy House – “Construction Competition Tournament” in Tongji University

Group Name:  Eco DIY, Fuxing Senior High School

Event Date:  2012.5

Report Submitter: Ms Han Ling

Participant Number: 5

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In 2012, Tongji University held the “Construction Competition Tournament” that included the participation of famous universities and high schools. The competition required all the teams to construct a house built only out of cardboard materials, in 8 hours. In the end, our work stood out and we won the grand prize.


Reasons for winning:

1. perfect structure of the design, modeling after everyday life (“angry birds” and “light angel”), the ideal functionality of daily needs in a home (aeration, light source, privacy, indoor design study, rest and play functions were also added).

2.  most economical construction and maximizing the usage of materials

3.  addition of a waterproof function

4.  the only work that applied animation for describing the structure

This work reflected the interdisciplinary collaboration between aesthetics, mechanics, and computer technology. It also was endowed with an environmental protection concept. Ultimately, it also minimized the gap between exam-oriented education and quality education.

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