An Artical Modification of Extinction


Event:An Artical Modification of Extinction

Group Name:The Environmental Protection DIY Club of Shanghai FuXing Senior High School

Event Date:2015.10

Report Submitter:Zhang  Yibo

Participant Number: 20

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We are worried about what air pollution, water pollution and ecological environmental pollution may bring to our environment. We feel pity for the extinction of species. At the beginning of this semester, twenty students with teachers held a discussion about next massive extinction in the Science Museum.

On October 25th, the teacher explained about the influence of resent industry revolution and technology innovation to the nature based on the exhibition, by which let student learn to express ideas in artsy way.

The first group made a ecological chain model with dominoes. Every domino was labeled with a name of an endangered specie. The fall of any domino would give rise to a chain reaction, warning us that human beings will take the consequences of doing harm to the nature.


The second group played a mini drama, telling a story among golden monkey, south China tiger, hunter and environmental protectors. It tries to tell the influence of human activity on the nature and that it is our duty and responsibility to protect the environment, other wise the sixth mass extinction would be very close.

At the end of the activity, we played a MV created by the third group. It made us think about how people should deal with nature and living creatures.


The research of this subject impressed every participant who has realized that environmental protection lies in the love of the nature. In this activity, members of the society have made different conclusions on the relationship of human deeds and next mass extinction. At the same time, we have learned cooperation and interdisciplinary research, which is lack in our exam oriented study. Moreover, the new members have blend well in the community. We are looking forward the next research project.


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