A Gift for Mother – Organic Kitchen Salon


On May 9th, 2015, the day before mothers day, Shanghai Roots & Shoots held an Organic Kitchen Workshop called “I Chocolate U – A Gift for Mother”. Cocoa butter reportedly melts at 35℃; the human body’s normal temperature is around 36.7℃. Thus, chocolate melts at the tip of the tongue. Since this sensation reminds us of our mothers’ embrace, we decided to return their love by making chocolate for them.

20150509 Chocolate 01

First, we prepared four different chocolate-making stations: chocolate molding, nut chocolate, oat (Oreo) chocolate, and chocolate biscuits. At the end of the workshop, we also prepared a surprise for everyone – nougats. Before the activity began, the instructor distributed the tools out to everyone, and introduced the chocolate-making process, which is actually quite simple. First, heat the chocolate over 50-60℃ water until it becomes liquid. Then, pour the liquid chocolate into mould, and add in nuts, Oreos, etc. Finally, let the chocolate cool for 15-20 minutes in the fridge. After watching the demo, the fifteen participants were anxious to try it themselves. Some even came up with new, creative ideas, such as making two-color chocolate and making engravings on the chocolate. Two hours flew by. Finally, when everyone was waiting for the chocolate to harden in the fridge, we unveiled our surprise – using marshmallow to make nougat. After finishing, everyone indulged in this sweet surprise together.

20150509 Chocolate 02

When the workshop came to an end, everyone packaged their chocolate and wrote notes for their mothers. This Mother’s Day, we hope these gift will bring every mother surprise and love.

20150509 Chocolate 03


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