Activity Report of “Cultivation Plan” — Chongming High School Root and Sprout


Event: “Cultivation Plan”of ChongMing high school

Group Name:  Roots & Shoots, ChongMing high school

Participant Number: All the members in the group


The origin of “Cultivation Plan”:

Throughout the day, teachers and students are busy studying, so they neglect much of the vegetation that has grown. After the week of “agriculture training” our organization hoped that we could rejuvenate the student’s enjoyment of greenery and learn to care for it. This mission was inspired by the success of Root and Sprout.


The preparation of “Cultivation Plan”:

1. Look for suitable instructor teacher.

2. Discuss with the school to confirm garden location.

3. Prepare gardening tools.

4. Ask members’ advice on type of plants.

5. Invite members to grow plants.

6. Make a post plan to keep the plants.

The procedure of “Cultivation Plan”:

Location: farmland beside the school canteen

Instruments: shovel and scoop

Kinds of plants: green vegetables, lettuce, and snow beans

Instructor teacher: Chen Weichao

Members: all members of our organization

Mr. Chen showed us how to use a shovel and scoop, and. Afterwards, we set out to grow our garden using our new skill sets. Because we sacrificed our time and energy into this garden, the procedure was manageable.

Since then, we have been looking after the plants every day. We recorded the condition of the vegetables and the weather. No pain no gain.


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