AMAT Family Day in BioFarm


On May 24th, 2015, Shanghai Roots & Shoots organized a family day outing for AMAT employees at BioFarm. Everyone woke up early and the children were in especially high spirits.

Upon arrival at the farm, the farm expert excitedly greeted the visitors, and then led them on a tour around the farm introducing unique features of the farm.

20150524 AMAT farm tour 001

We played the game “The Life of Milk” to improve everyone’s understanding of the organic milk producing process and helped them understand why organic food is healthier as well as why animal welfare is important.

20150524 AMAT farm tour 002

The farm’s animal enclosure  was by far the kids’ favorite part. The adults helped the children feed the animals: Bei Bei and Jia Jia the pigs, and Hui Hui and Bai Bai the rabbits.

20150524 AMAT farm tour 003

When lunch time came, the kids enjoyed a meal of organic apple juice, cream pasta, and vegetable salad.

20150524 AMAT farm tour 004

(Left: lunch hour; right: worm composting)

After lunch, it was time to get to work. The city-born children listened to the instructions and everyone was eager to give the farm work a try. The young children showed some good promise to become real farmers in the future.  Crossing two streets over, we arrived at the new expansion of the farm. Equipped with gloves and bamboo baskets, everyone got down to work; the children worked just as fast as the adults!

Hard work always pays off. The young farmers took up this opportunity to pick up vegetables to take home. This was truly an exciting and productive day.

20150524 AMAT farm tour 005

Of course, learning how to compost was crucial. The kids learned to generate organic fertilizer from worm composting. At the same time, they learned to observe the wonders nature can do.

As the sun set in the west, the day came to an end. Everyone was ready to get back home upon completing the farm work.

20150524 AMAT farm tour 006

Special thanks to AMAT for its long-term support for Shanghai Roots & Shoots.

20150524 AMAT farm tour -AMAT LOGO

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