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With Bacardi, Shanghai Roots & Shoots initiated the Eco-Office program in 2017 and 2018, aiming to create a greener workplace for Bacardi by forming a team of Green Ambassadors, raising the employees’ environmental awareness and implementing green policies. Furthermore, the Eco-Office program endeavors to raise the employees’ social responsibilities through environmental protection-themed community service, thus cultivating a positive and warm workplace atmosphere.

In 2017, the volunteers at Shanghai Roots & Shoots assessed the working environment at Bacardi and it turned out that the employees at Bacardi paid conscientious attention to the carbon omission in traveling and daily commuting and made continuous efforts to counterbalance their carbon footprints by engaging actively in the Million Tree Project (MTP). The employees are also encouraged to turn off the electricity during the off-work hours. Besides, workplace policies aimed at reducing the usage of disposable items are being promoted.

On August 3, 2018, Shanghai Roots & Shoots visited Bacardi again to hold a workshop on implementing workplace policies, in which the employees experienced the aquaponics device and also did some brainstorming such as the paperless reimbursement policy.

The Eco-Office program aims at customizing a green workplace environment for enterprises from multiple approaches, ranging from assessing the workplace environment and the employees’ working habits to holding workshops and encouraging the employees to participate in community service. Shanghai Roots & Shoots, along with Bacardi, is determined to create a more eco-friendly and greener workplace environment.

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