Dragon Recycling | Community Service by Bacardi’s Green Ambassadors


On September 20, 20 Green Ambassadors from Bacardi’s volunteer group came to Haixi Community in Huangpu District along with other five Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ volunteers, and acted as environmental guardians at the  “Community Resource Collection Station” of the Dragon Recycling Project. It was alsoBacardi’s Community Service Day.

Although a sudden heavy rain fell on the day of the event, it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the Green Ambassadors. They were intensively helping the residents to recycle old things and conducting statistics. Community Service Day is a unique way for Bacardi to cultivate a stronger sense of social responsibility for employees and build a green ambassador team within the company. Bacardi has teamed up with SRS to carry out a number of environmental public welfare activities aimed at creating a more environmentally friendly office environment through the Eco Office Program, while encouraging employees to walk out of the office and serve the community.

With the efforts of Bacardi employees and the active participation of community residents, this “Community Resource Collection Station” activity has recovered 1.71kg of small household appliances, 3 old mobile phones, 1 camera, 3.4kg of various cables, 2kg of batteries, 255 pieces of old clothes, 9.74kg of various expired drugs, several toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. Through this activity, community residents participated in it, and learned about sustainable lifestyles as well as the knowledge of garbage classification, and they contributed their strength to Green Earth.

SRS Dragon Recycling Project will continue to promote the concept of green living and sustainable lifestyle, to make domestic garbage a green power to reduce the burden on the earth.

*This activity is funded by the Shanghai Charity Foundation.

*Co-organizer: Haixi Community Committee, Huangpu

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