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The diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC) changes life; sometimes it even changes a family. The patients have to adapt themselves to a new life. They face a great deal of treatments and tests, as well as countless travels from home to hospitals. Inevitably, they often experience fear and worries. But this journey of fighting cancer also comes with unexpected rewards. This is a test that life gives these cancer patients. These brave warriors now come to share with us their true stories, to inspire the others who are facing the same challenge.

(CRC Patient Testimonial Video by CRC Home of Hope)

CRC is one of the most common cancers, and it is the fourth highest in incidence among all cancers. There is also a rise in the incidence of CRC in recent years. The changing life style is one of the reasons why this happened. Meanwhile, the world is working hard on finding the cure.

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Fighting CRC needs everyone!!

With unremitting efforts of researches, the treatments of CRC have improved significantly and focusing more and more in precision medicine and personalized medicine. Based on the age group, health status, comorbidities and tumor characteristics, such as biomarkers, and even the immune checkpoints in the latest research, the oncologist now can provide the patients with a wide range of effective treatment options.

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A good recovery can’t be achieved without the patient’s cooperation and self-tuning. What we find in common in the patients, who recovered well, is that they strongly believe in themselves. Behind their strong will, they also have experienced ups and downs. Sharing with other patients could be very helpful. The patients would learn that they weren’t alone. Many patients had been through the same. They had made it, so you would also be able to make it.

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Everyone can make a change in fighting CRC. What we can do to help is to learn about this cancer and the needs of these patients. We can try to make it known to more. In recent years, a number of cancer therapies, especially targeted therapies have been included into health insurance. It supported many patients and their families. These changes could have not happened without outstanding help provided by the whole society. If everyone joins this fight against CRC, to advocate for CRC patients, their lives will be better.

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CRC Home of Hope, the colorectal cancer patient care program started in 2016. By holding a variety of patient events and meetings, we offer the patients a platform to get to know each other. The interactions between patients are very encouraging and beneficial.

On the WeChat page and quarterly newsletters, CRC Home of Hope updates latest CRC research news, patient stories, event announcements and news etc.

Being diagnosed with CRC could be a tough test for every patient and their loved ones. We want to help them to leave the shadow behind, to face the life with positive attitude. We witnessed a lot of cancer patients who conquered challenges, and led a happy life. We believe that every CRC patient can achieve recovery. Hope the patient and their families join CRC Home of Hope!

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