Youth Leadership Council | Participating in “Mini-UMC” Case-sharing


On 4th August 2016, two members of the Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Council participated in the research into Mini-UMC’s cases. They shared activities with students at the scene that Shanghai Roots & Shoots had held as an NGO.

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From 1st August to 8th August, the first “Mini-UMC”, of which the theme was “Change the world, Earnestly practise ”, was held in UWC branch campus in Changzhou (alongside is the Kun Cheng Lake with beautiful scenes). 50 youths from different countries were invited to the event to understand the responsibilities of NGO through case study and explore social issues with great attention. On the fourth day of the activity, as honored guests to share cases, two representatives of the Youth Leadership Council were invited to attend the course of Mini-UWC. They introduced several programs of Shanghai Roots & Shoots including: MTP, YES program and so on.

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After that, they presented two projects which were more successful and typical: “Rainbow Party” – Dogs Adaption Day and “Song of Nature” – Shanghai’s first charity folk song concert. After sharing our ideas on how to plan and prepare events, we put forward a question for all the students to think of: how to attract other NGOs or enterprises to support our activities. This question led to the thinking of students and some of them got really great ideas.

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After the sharing, volunteers from Mini-UMC guided a discussion on the challenges of the environment. Finally, the event ended during the heated debate .

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