Dragon Recycling | Charity Carnival at Pengpu Street


On June 2, the second Pengpu Charity Carnival and the launching ceremony of Methods on Supporting Non-Profit Organizations at Pengpu Street, with the united support of the Working Committee of the Communist Party of China at Pengpu Street, were held at Dongjiaojing Greenland.

According to the Methods, non-profit organizations are supported in various ways, ranging form subsidies providing to to space providing. The launch of the Methods marks a new phase in the development of non-profit organizations at Pengpu Street.

During the Charity Carnival, each non-profit organization put up tents and created a ‘green’ fair. Shanghai Roots & Shoots introduced the Dragon Recycling Program, whose aim was to minimize the wastes and carry out the principle of environmental protection. The Program has been supported by China Environmental Protection Foundation.

Citizens were encouraged to donate their waste toothbrushes, electronic wastes and so forth. Besides, during the Orienteering, by asking the participants such questions as ‘how long does it take for glass products to naturally degrade’, Shanghai Roots & Shoots further promoted its belief. After the carnival, 24.2 kilograms of electronic wastes were collected in total and were sent to relevant recycling organizations.

The Charity Carnival was successfully held, which indicated that more and more people in Shanghai were taking an active part in charitable activities. Likewise, Shanghai Roots & Shoots will also make its continued endeavors to create a better and greener environment.

** Author/Translator: Yiming CAI

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