Counseling and health education seminars for CML patients


On June 9, CML Home of Hope held two seminars for the patients. In the morning, the counseling specialist, Mr. Yan Zhengwei gave a speech on how to be happier when living with cancer. This is a sequel to the lecture which Mr. Yan hosted two years ago. Many of the patients have listened to the previous one, how to be happy when living with cancer. This sequel really resonated with them, as these patients have been living happily and healthily since then. Mr. Yan explained step by step how to adjust oneself emotionally to the new life with CML.

In the afternoon, Mr. Luo Zhengnian, the deputy chief of Shanghai Health Education Committee, gave a presentation on detoxification and wellbeing. Mr. Luo clarified the importance of detoxification to cancer patients’ recovery. He also introduced a number of tips on healthy diet and lifestyle. The patients found the advice very useful.

This event has also been the first CML patient gathering since the New Year party in January. The patients were very excited to meet and talk with each other.

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