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In 2016, CRC Home of Hope held patient meetings in 11 cities, including Shenyang, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Changsha, Jinan, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Beijing and Nanjing. The CRC experts were invited to speak for the patients, introducing CRC related topics, such as CRC risk factors, screening strategies, treatment options, prognosis and side effects.

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Screening for CRC is essential. Except for some risk factors of lifestyle and diet, there are two genetic conditions as high risk factors for CRC, familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and Lynch Syndrome. People with the family history of these two diseases should take screening test at a much earlier age. For others without family history, the guideline also suggests everyone to take screening tests after 50, either using colposcopy or FOBT.

The treatments of colorectal cancer have been significantly improved in recent years. There are more and more treatment options, which combine chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy. For stage three and four colorectal cancer patients, they can also choose neoadjuvant therapy to achieve better outcomes and probably raise the quality of life.

These treatments, such as chemo and targeted therapies, may bring some side effects, but the experts pointed out that the side effects can be prevented and well managed, so that the patients shouldn’t quit the treatments out of fear for the side effects.

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In these events, the counseling specialist, Mr. Yan spoke for the patients and their families, to guide them how to deal with emotion issues. Mr. Yan told them to live every day to the fullness. Cancer is no longer life-threatening, but a chronic disease. When fighting with cancer, anxiety and fear sometimes come along. These negative emotions are the obstacles on the road of recovery. How to let go them? Mr. Yan’s advice is to let it be. Don’t think too much. Try to calm down and listen to your own body. Besides, it will be helpful to develop good habits and keep in touch with other patients. Don’t complain. Moreover, one should seek a way to live with cancer and adjust himself to the new life.

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