Organic Garden丨Pot Planting Event in Sanquan Road Elementary School


Since the planting event last week, volunteers from Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd have been really exited and looking forward to the next event. As a result, 15 employees from Cummins volunteered again on March 22nd to help with the pot planting event in Sanquan Road Elementary School. Roots & Shoots prepared a bunch of peppermint for every single employee and student.

Herbs, like Peppermints, have strong flavors and are easy to grow, and the planting season of peppermints is between March and April. Students successfully finished transplanting peppermints into their own pots under careful instructions of volunteers from Cummins.

Cummins mint event 20160322 04

The last step was to put on the self-made stickers on their pots. Both employees and students said that pot planting was a lot of fun and they also learned a lot about peppermint from this event. Roots & Shoots wishes that such experience could appeal to more people to care about the surrounding environment and our mother nature.

Cummins mint event 20160322 03

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