Teens’ Works Exhibition in Science


  1. Name of the activity: Teens’ Works Exhibition in Science
  2. Theme of the activity: exhibition of students’ works in life science and YES courses
  3. Goal for the activity: to enable group members to participate in the making of the works and experience the concept of environmental protection; to enable participants to deepen their knowledge in life science, thus realizing the importance of environmental protection.
  4. Time frame
  1. The date of beginning and ending: 2017.12.19 – 2018. 1.4
  2. Process of the activity:
Date Steps
Dec.25 Draft proposal of the activity
Dec.26 Establish the activity group
Dec.19 – Jan.3 Works preparation
Works collection
Dec.27 Ticket designing
Make introductions of the works
Jan.4 Exhibition
  1. Money spent for the activity:
Items Sum(RMB)
Admission ticket 200
Total 200
  1. Assistance provided by other people and organizations: Biology group of Junior One, SFLS Biology Lab, participants of Teens’ Demonstration Program at Shanghai Natural Science Museum, 2017
  2. Members who worked on the activity:
  1. Number of members:10
  2. Tasks of the members:
  1. Works preparation: Wang Qifan, Wang Sibo, Zhang Meirun, Zhu Qiyang, Bao Yuxin, Gu Yawen, Zhang Haowei, Sun Yingqian
  2. Club exhibition preparation: Wang Qifan, Zhang Meirun, Yu Yihang, Yu Xinyao, Sun Runze
  3. Club exhibition organizing: Wang Qifan, Zhang Meirun, Yu Yihang, Zhu Qiyang, Xue Jiayin, Zhang Jingwen, Gong Yijun, Miao Xinyi
  1. Approximate number of students impacted by our activity: 150
  2. Approximate number of hours spent by group members on the activity
Steps Hours
Works preparation 20
Preparation meeting 1
Works collection 20
Ticket designing 2
Make introductions of works 3
Advertising 1
Exhibition 1
Total 48
  1. How the activity went: The event fell into exhibition and voting. Students were provided with the opportunity to enjoy their classmates’ works while using tickets to vote for their favorite work. A total number of 200 teachers and students participated in the exhibition, among which 65 participants voted on the award of “Outstanding Artwork”.
  2. Reflection: The exhibition attracted teachers and students from all grades. The participants being interviewed expressed their appreciation of the exhibition, saying that being able to closely look at the works of the classmates is quite an interesting and meaningful experience.
  3. Suggestions to improve the activity: The exhibition was fully prepared and the result was ideal. During the event, the voting tickets ended up out of supply. In future events, back-up voting tickets can be employed on the scene of the event to fulfill the further need of the voters.

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