KidStrong Eye-glasses Wearing Rate Competition Awards


The new semester started, KidStrong gave out Eye-glasses Wearing Rate Competition Awards to ten teachers. The award ceremonies were held at teachers’ conferences on each campus.

Each year, the KidStrong Program will help all the 3 – 5 graders from the migrant schools check their eye-sight and sponsor glasses for the children. Although the myopia rate is declining, there are still some students who won’t wear glasses correctly. Thus, in the last semester we decided to select two classes from each school/campus, totally 14 classes, into the competition. According to our investigation, 5 of the 14 classes got 100% of glass-wearing rate, 90%+ in 1 class, 80%+ in 2 classes, 70%+ in 4 classes and the rest 2 classes got 55%+.

佩戴率竞赛 20150907

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