Flea Market in June 2013


Group Name:East China University of Science and Technology Environmental Team

During mid-March, a group of seniors will leave the Feng Xian campus due to graduation after the June exams. They will leave some old belongings that they do not need and for the belongings to be placed to good use, the school team decided to hold a flea market. The aim of this flea market is to firstly not waste any resources and recycle them. Secondly, it is to give the students more knowledge on saving the environment and resources while having fun.

At the end of March, the team started planning for the flea market. After countless of discussions and changes, it was finally agreed by the school admins. At the start of April, the group in charge started putting up posters and used many advertising methods to spread the news. The students donated the unwanted but still usable items for the sale. The organization team is the sellers, and the student body is the customers. After studying the market prices, the team marked a price for each item.

The event was held on the 11th of April in the student activity center of the university. The event had a lot of support from the student population. The 3 ½ -hour event, which was filled with joy, was a success. Over 90% of the merchandise was sold during the event, and the members of the environmental team eliminated the rest. Students who participated in this event praised this meaningful event. This event educated the students further on the benefits of environmental conservation and has caused more students to join the cause of environmental activism and conservation.

Reported by Zhang Jia Wen




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