Fun Eco-Workshops Launched in Household Shopping Center


On July 3 & 17, Shanghai Roots & Shoots was invited to give two eco-workshops in JiuGuang Mall. Lead by the Roots & Shoots volunteers, the children, and their partents aside, were taught how to make cup mats (of recycled paper) and leaf fossils by themselves.

旋律同萌 07

  • Workshop One: Recycled Paper Cup Mats

Recycling and reusing paper that would have been wasted was the prioritised purpose for the participants to make the cup mats. Decorated with the materials such as dry flowers, the cup mats thus delighted everyboday up in a florish way. It was also the eco-lifestyle that would be shared with the participants through this workshop.

旋律同萌 11

  • Workshop Two: Leaf Fossils

As is known to all, fossils witness the continuous changes of nature but chapture the natural rewards permanantly. With the guidiance of Roots & Shoots volunteers on the workshop, the process of fossil formation was simulated. The fossil workshop provided the participants an opportunity to creat their own silouettes of the nature, utilising plaster and leaves of diffrent shapes and veins.

旋律同萌 16

See how carefully children were listening to our volunteers! With the help of the volunteers, children started. They not only learned something new about the nature, but also developped their hand-making ability. Look! It seemed that their works were completed.

旋律同萌 26 旋律同萌 27

The final production looked wonderful. All the parents and their children had great fun after achieving the entire process. Yes, everyone is an artist in life.

旋律同萌 25

In order to spread the idea of caring for animals, communities and the environment, let’s just enjoy the eco-workshops!

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