Dragon Recycling | Shanghai Roots & Shoots reports its work to the Huangpu District Government


On the morning of July 24, 2019, Shanghai Roots & Shoots joined the Huaxin Haixin Building Garbage Sorting and Reduction Consultative Conference. The participants of the Conference are the district leaders of the CPPCC, district deputies to the NPC,  the leaders from East Nanjing Road Subdistrict, the Council of the Nandong City Home and the Huaxin Haixin Property and tenant representatives.

The Huaxin Haixin Building is where Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ office locates. Pilot Garbage Sorting Scheme has been implemented and promotion works have been introduced in the building since June. In response to the Shanghai Household Garbage Management Regulations, Shanghai Roots & Shoots has set up set of rubbish and recycling bins in our office as well as organized engagement activities in surrounding office buildings, schools and communities.

During the Conference, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and the Office Director of East Nanjing Road Subdistrict, Mr Ren Weifeng, shared the progress of the garbage classification work in the jurisdiction of the subdistrict. The Committee wanted to be the leader in reducing garbage generation at source and link buildings to secondary classification. Continuous promotion of garbage sorting will be carried out.

Meanwhile, we have introduced our organization and our Dragon Recycling Programme to the participants.

  • 2004: Yellow Pages Recycling in Shanghai.
  • 2005: Recycling and upcycling of used ink cartridges in offices and schools in Shanghai and Beijing.
  • 2006-2012: Paper Recycling in schools in Shanghai.
  • Before the official ban on plastic bags in 2008: Plastic Reduction Campaign.
  • 2012: Waste sorting promotions in 25 schools and 94 communities in Pudong District.
  • 2013: Visits to waste disposal plants.
  • Earth Day 2014: Organized a Community Recycling Day which offered open lectures on waste sorting and carried out a barter party at East Nanjing Road Subdistrict.
  • 2017: Clothing Recycling Drive.
  • 2018-2019: Promotion of the Household Garbage Management Regulations by organizing community lectures, upcycling workshops and recycling days. Raise awareness of ocean pollution by holding a painting competition.
  • June 28, 2019: Waste Disposal and Recycling Salon.

Lastly, the Director of the Office of Political Consultative Committee of Huangpu District, Mr Zhang Jianmin concluded that all stakeholders, including the property management units, neighbourhood committees and city cleaners, should actively work on garbage classification. This long process requires efforts from different parties. Together, we can develop a greener community.

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