Dragon Recycling | Green Contribution Achieved through Michelin Zero Waste Campaign


Everyone’s behaviour affects the environment, which delineates Michelin staff’s zero-waste ambition on their recycling campaign.

Catharine Gong presents the Green Contribution Certificate to Michelin representatives Mr. Ye Fei, President and CEO of Michelin China & Ms. Li Ling, Michelin China SP Director.

During the past August and September, Shanghai Roots & Shoots provided green backing for Michelin China to manage all the office recyclables after two sections of “Recycling Workshops. We talked about where our rubbish goes, how we dispose all the rubbish via the municipal waste plants, and how much the rubbish values when recycled. These topics helped Michelin staff think and rethink about a proper way to dispose rubbish – recycle!

Volunteers helping Michelin staff recycling

Shanghai Roots & Shoots drafted a recycling manual for Michelin staff before their office recycling. What can be recycled, eg. glass, metal, paper, etc. and what cannot be recycled, eg. wood, toilet paper, teabags, etc. are listed on the manual. Finally, 2104.37 kilogrammes of waste were recycled, and it reduced 551.49 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide emission caused by landfilling. All the recyclables were sent to the separation factories and re-manufacturing factories managed by S-Bag, a recycling company in Shanghai.

Volunteers counting the recylables

The Green Pioneers from Michelin China did not only contribute on recycling, but also on stopping desertification. Michelin China rewarded its staff with 500 shrubs that would be planted in the 2022 forest in Ningxia; besides, the recycling benefits were donated to Shanghai Roots & Shoots for planting 38 trees in Inner Mongolia.

Michelin staff said a happy and zero-waste goodbye to IBP but will return with a greener office environment. Michelin staff’s passion aplenty in making positive contribution to our Mother Earth has been unfolded and will encourage them to explore a greener future.

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