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Shanghai University of International Business and Economics is the only university about foreign trade in eastern China. It has a long history of higher education of international business, its unique characteristics and traditional advantages.

As one of the best organizations at Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, “Star of Children” Roots and Shoots group was founded in 2004, and had 70 members. Since establishment, we focused on the growth environmental of children, and have taken an active role in the Roots and Shoots campaigns, including the Green Office Evaluation Program, the Green Campus Evaluation Program, etc.

We have put our care and responsibility into practice to do something for environmental protection and for the world’s future. It is because of this sincerity that makes our group stronger and stronger.

Roots spread out under the ground, laying a strong foundation; shoots, though seemingly fragile, go across the hard walls for sunshine. “Care for the children, protect the environment”.—Star of Children, let’s pray for the world’s future!

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