The Green Saplings


The Green Saplings is a student lead club, dedicated for environmental causes.  We are a sub-group for the Roots and Shoots organization.

We started the club in the autumn of 2014.  Ms. Teresa Liu, founder of Winner Circle English Learning Center, offered us a place to meet and a platform for the club members to realize our willingness to help the environment.

Thus, our group is formed.  Each of our members pledge a commitment is to be present and participate in at least 3 meetings each month. In every meeting we plan and discuss about fundraising events for the Million Tree Project (MTP).  During every fun raising event we present and introduce to different companies the MTP and persuade people in our audience to donate. Every single penny that we get from each fundraising event is forwarded to Roots and Shoots to help fund the MTP.

We are very lucky to have a group of very dedicated mentors.  They are Teresa Liu, (incidentally my mother), Dr. Yong Ting Wang, Professor at Jiaotong University,  Dr. Dapeng Sun, General Manager at New England Research Center, and Joshua Williams, my mentoring teacher at Winners’ Circle;  they have generously agreed to donate their precious time to help and guide us through our club activities.

Our club started originally with only six people: Yifei, Angel, Serena, Aaron, Eileen and myself; we named ourselves the “Green Saplings” because we are young and just like saplings planted in Inner Mongolia, we will grow and create a better place for everyone. Now there are 9 of us, with all the original members and three new members, Jack, Tony, and Madison.

At first, our own personal goal for joining the club are different, but later we all discovered that in order to stay in this club, we have to have a motivation; we have to dedicate ourselves. We all had the same minds, we care for the same thing, that’s why, as the president, I think that this group is very successful and sustainable.  I wish that our club will continue to thrive and grow, and do great things together.  Just like our name sakes, the Green Saplings!

 The Green Saplings - group photo

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