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The Root &Shoots Group in Tongji University was established on September 16th, 2014. The group members are all from the Greenroad Association in Tongji University. The Greenroad Association was formally founded in October, 2000, which is a collected, non-profit society set up voluntarily by undergraduates in Tongji University based on their common ideal. It is also one of the biggest non-profit societies whose purport is to disseminate environmental protection knowledge, to popularize environmental protection idea and to develop environmental protection career. The Greenroad Association is made up of a general headquarter and a subsection in Jiading Campus. The Jiading subsection, founded in 2008, with a history of seven years, consists of Green Advance Group, Environmental Education Group and Ciji Group. Through setting up Root & Bud Group, we wish to get more chances to communicate with middle schools and colleges in Shanghai and participate in more activities.Our slogan is “Every one is a green seed”.

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