Healthy Activities Initiated by SANOFI at Jinde


December 10, 2014, a cold afternoon in Shanghai, students of Jinde Migrant school were happily playing games outside and in the classrooms with volunteers from SANOFI China. They were playing badminton, Ping Pong, as well as learning English.

KS Sanofi in Jinde 20141210-1

In order to enrich migrant students’ extracurricular life and lead a healthy life style in a fun way, volunteers from SANOFI China coordinated with the KidStrong program staff to make a series of health-related activities. The activities will be held for three times, starting on December 10th. The Badminton and Ping Pong groups were led by SANOFI China’s employees who were good players of Badminton and Ping Pong. There were two English groups for two different levels (3rd and 4th grades). Each group was taught by one foreign employee and one Chinese employee of SANOFI China. After learning the English words for fruits and vegetables, they played games using what they had learned.

KS Sanofi in Jinde 20141210-2

It was a chilly and windy day, but students played badminton with great enthusiasm regardless “boring” requests from the coaches to practice basic strokes. The lighting in the Ping Pong room was quite poor, and the balls and boards were old and broken; however, students totally threw themselves to the activities. Coaches corrected students’ strokes from time to time during fierce matches. After the hour-long activity, it felt like no time had passed, and students were already keen to attend the next event. The second group of activities is scheduled for January 7, 2015. Volunteers from SANOFI China will bring new sports equipment to Jinde migrant school, which will kick off for KidStrong program for the new year.

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