KidStrong March Meeting with Parent Committee of Changlin


On the 18th of March, 2014, staff from KidStrong program closely worked together with Changlin Migrant School’s Parent Committee, with the objective of promoting eye care and dental care work. There are 15 parents in the committee, representing all 15 classes. This joint event is a symbol of parents collaborating with KidStrong program to address students’ health issues.

In the activity, parents told KidStrong staff about the eye care and dental care habits of their children and inquired for more information on how to improve eye and dental health of their children. Staff also introduced the contents of KidStrong program as well as some basic knowledge of eye care and dental care. The two parties explored effective ways of helping children by forming good habits to protect their eye sight and keep their teeth healthy. The parents showed eagerness in becoming pioneers in their children’s classes, where they will support their children to form good habits first, and then share their experiences with other parents. This allows all parents to work together to help their children live a healthier life.

This is the first time the Parent Committee became involved with KidStrong program in promoting and executing work since the program began eight years ago, signifying historical importance and a great start for their continued collaboration. We believe that, with the parents’ support, the program will be more successful, and the migrant children will improve their eye care and dental care habits together.



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