KidStrong丨Teachers’ Autumn Outing


Wenxin Primary School is one of Shanghai’s outstanding migrant schools. It is on the leading position in school management and teaching. On November 6, the KidStrong team of Shanghai Roots & Shoots organized a communicational exchange meeting between teachers from Wenxin and Jinde, which is a long-term partner migrant-school with KidStrong. Jinde teachers said that they had got inspiration from this exchange, which would benefit their future teachings.

After the meeting in the morning, KidStrong staff led all the teachers of Jinde Migrant School to Tongli Town which is loaced in Suzhou and returned on the following afternoon. The teachers enjoyed the beautiful scenery and delicious food in Tongli and were back with enthusiasm for the next leg of their work.

乐苗教师秋游 20151116

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