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The Dragon Recycling at Shanghai Roots & Shoots recently collaborated with the Ying-chun Community at An-Ting Town, Jia-Ding District to promote an eco-friendly green lifestyle. On July 29, the Dragon Recycling set up a Recycling Station while on July 31 and October 27, the Green Classroom was introduced.

The Dragoon Recycling is an environmental protection-themed educational program initiated by Shanghai Roots & Shoots in response to the government. Following the good example Shanghai Roots & Shoots plays, the Dragon Recycling also actively encourages the volunteers to build a greener community, raises the youngsters’ awareness of environmental protection and contributes to the construction of ecological civilization. The Dragon Recycling, furthermore, aims at promoting a greener, low-carbon lifestyle among communities and recycling the wastes, thus making concrete contribution to sustainable development.

According to a bill issued by the municipal government on garbage classification in 2018, it is imperative to classifying garbage from its sorts. Therefore, the Dragon Recycling made a how-to manual on garbage classification in order to help citizens more familiarized with waste recycling.

At the Recycling Station, the volunteers introduced to the residents how to handle different types of garbage such as electronic waste, clothing waste, medicine waste and daily waster like toothpastes. Besides, the volunteers encouraged the residents present to carry out the principal of green life. Despite the intense heat, residents at the Ying-chun Community took an active part in the Dragon Recycling program; in the end, 84 items of daily waste  (toothpastes, toothbrushes, etc.), 163 items of electronic waste, 161 items of clothing waste and 16.44 kilograms of expired medicine were recycled in total and were sent to relevant environmental protection-organization, medical waste sent to the pharmacy.

In the Green Classroom, the volunteers , through a game, taught the primary and junior high school students the correct way of garbage classification, i.e., kitchen waste, recyclable waste, toxic and polluting waste and other waste. Different types of garbage were respectively sent to different landfills by specialized transporting cars where they will be filled, burnt or biochemically disposed. Apart from that, the volunteers also shared other ways to deal with the wastes like a second-hand fair or a recycling program.

(Green Classroom, July 31)

(Green Classroom, October 27)

Shanghai Roots & Shoots shoulders its responsibility as an environmental protection-oriented organization, and calls on the young people to build a greener community and a greener homeland.

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