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What is Halloween?

November 1th is an important western religious festival, the All Saints’ Day for Catholicism, Anglicanism, and the Orthodox Church. On the eve of All Saints’ Day, October 31, falls the Halloween for people to get rid of all the ghosts. However, the atmosphere of the day is far less horrible than what we think of. On each Halloween, children always cannot wait to put on their colorful costumes and frightening masks, carrying their Jack O’Lanterns to knock from door to door for festival treats, usually candies of course. The two most well-known symbols of Halloween are Jack O’Lanterns and “Trick or treat!”.

The Jack O’Lanterns were at first made of radish and later replaced by pumpkins.

Halloween 20151110-01

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The Halloween YES Café

This year, the Roots & Shoots volunteers came to the YES Café and lit again the brightest pumpkin lanterns at night! The lantern sculptors this year, not only included college students, but also some little kids. Let’s just take a look at these creative craft-men’s masterpieces of Jack O’Lanterns.

Halloween 20151110-03

Within in one hour, the Jack O’Lanterns were piled up and each bore a unique facial expression. Led by the adults, the kids were quite enthusiastic to turn pumpkins into artwork.

Halloween 20151110-04

If you are interested in joining us in future YES Café sessions, please follow Shanghai Roots & Shoots on wechat and more fun activities await!

Halloween 20151110-02


More about Roots & Shoots YES Café

YES Café hosts themed gatherings for youth volunteers to encourage constructive conversations and creative thinking. Past themes include bird watching, DIY Jack O’Lanterns, I Chocolate U, communication games, DIY digital oil paintings, and nature photography.

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